Shareholder Information

Share Capital

Unless otherwise determined in accordance with the Company’s Constitution, the Share capital of the Company will be comprised of ordinary shares. Each Share has the right to cast a vote in any meeting of Shareholders.

Dividend Policy

It is the intention of the Company to pay dividends to Shareholders at a level sufficient for those dividends to be fully franked as soon as reasonably practical. Dividends will be franked to the extent that available imputation credits permit.


Shareholders can transfer Shares in the Company to another person. To transfer their Shares, Shareholders must:

1. deliver to the Company a transfer notice in the form approved by the Directors. The transfer must be executed by the transferor and transferee and, if necessary, stamped to indicate that stamp duty has been paid;
2. deliver to the Company any other document required by the Company or any law; and
3. pay any relevant costs and disbursements.

Accessing Information About Your Investment

Vantage Private Equity Growth Limited (VPEG) has engaged Computershare to provide Registry Services to all VPEG shareholders.  Information about your shareholding in VPEG can be obtained from Computershare, including:

–        Distributions and Return of Capital (ROC) Payments

–        Holding statements

–        Transaction History

–        Distribution Statements 

Information about a your investment in VPEG can be accessed via the link below;

Computershare Investor Centre

To ensure you are accessing the correct holding the website requests identification details.  The following details will enable you to access information regarding your share holdings:

a)     SRN/HIN – this is referring to your “Holder Number” which usually starts with a “C” followed by 10 digits.  This is a unique identifier for your shareholding and was provided in your original investment documentation.  Alternatively it can also be located on the top right hand corner of a Vantage Private Equity Growth Limited Dividend or Return of Capital Notice.

b)     Postcode – this will be the postcode for the address Computershare has on record as your postal address (also found on your Dividend or Return of Capital Notice).

c)     Select company – type in this field “Vantage”  and select “VANTAGE PRIVATE EQUITY GROWTH LTD”

d)     You may also be prompted to provide the name in which the investment is held.  You are not required to enter the entire name only a component of the investing entity name.

Access to information can be found using the tabs at the top of the page.

Information such as unit prices, distributions and franking credits on a per share basis can be found on the VPEG website