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The Stages of Change Model of Overcoming Addiction

Contents Stage 5: Addiction The 6 Stages of Addiction: Can You Break the Cycle? A Guide To Breaking the Cycle of Addiction How Nurses Are Helping Nurses At With Peer Support Meetings The Stages of Addiction and How to Break the Cycle When a person develops tolerance, they increase the dosage to which they […]

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Dehydration From Alcohol: 5 Tips to Prevent and Treat It

Content The Importance of Drinking Water While Consuming Alcohol How Much Water Should a Moderate Runner Drink? What About Alcohol Makes It Dehydrating? Surprising research on alcohol and dehydration My dog tries to drink from unattended wineglasses. What happens when pets consume wine? Amount of Alcohol Sell Wine Spectator According to the CDC, heavy drinking […]

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Treatment for Alcohol and Anxiety

Content Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations for Comorbid Anxiety and AUDs Recognizing When Alcohol is Self-Medicating Anxiety Medication for treating anxiety disorders in people with alcohol use problems Addressing Alcohol Abuse and Anxiety at Turning Point of Tampa Alcohol use disorder and anxiety Social anxiety and dissociation among male patients with alcohol dependency Alcohol use disorder […]

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